It’s Time for a People’s Coup

Changing our Constitution is not as radical as it sounds, and we need to recognize that ours is in dire need of revisions. Other countries – modern, developed countries – have changed their constitutions for the better and are thriving today. Failing to do so in the United States is no longer an option.

How to Kill a Government

There is no brutality, no unethical behavior, no vile proclamation that this administration will be shamed by. There is no LBJ in the White House. This government is shameless now and forever.

Say Goodbye to Auto-Pilot Politics.

Turn off the auto-pilot. Pay close attention. Don’t surrender. Don’t ignore the events of the day because they make you sad or tired or whatever. The country is in a steep descent, and we’ve got to find a way to stop it.

God Does Not Bless Us.

God does not bless us for letting perpetual fear run our lives so much that we can’t imagine life without owning guns.

God does not bless America. Why would He?