Anyone with a calm pulse and apathetic demeanor right now is no less insane than Trump or is irresponsible beyond all reason.

It’s Time for a People’s Coup

Changing our Constitution is not as radical as it sounds, and we need to recognize that ours is in dire need of revisions. Other countries – modern, developed countries – have changed their constitutions for the better and are thriving today. Failing to do so in the United States is no longer an option.

A Second Civil War? No, the First One Just Never Ended.

In fact, if you look at the entire Republican/Neoliberal Democrat policy platforms, you will find that they are almost entirely about diminishing the humanity of and reducing the economic and civic power of workers below the CEO and Ownership level.

A Woman on the Bus: A Political Allegory

“Bus Club Members only get seats,” he says. “But don’t worry, we’ll get you where you’re going safe and sound. Just grab a handle and remain standing.” 

How to Kill a Government

There is no brutality, no unethical behavior, no vile proclamation that this administration will be shamed by. There is no LBJ in the White House. This government is shameless now and forever.

Protest Matters. Protest Works. That's Why So Many Keep Saying It Doesn't.

These pundits and politicians who are so cynical about efforts to resist the racist, sexist, xenophobic, oligarchical, anti-science, anti-intellectual and repressive policies of this government are the Grima Wormtongues of the world, endlessly whispering into our ears their corrosive advice to surrender, or to wait, or to just walk away from confrontation.

Without Disruption, Protest Isn’t Protest At All

Disruptive displays, disruptive acts, disruptive efforts are absolutely required in order to fight injustice. Why? Because disruptive public acts – and there are plenty to choose from – show that individuals and large groups of individuals are openly advocating protest. These are the things that inspire others to action.